This year was pretty much all Jessie J headlining a ton of European and South American music festivals. Of course in between that, some gigs with Liam Payne, MAGIC! and Andy Grammer, and a bunch of new consoles and software updates for the Avid VENUE S6L family. It's been a busy year! Enjoy my board mix for Neversea Festival this year in Romania.

In my typical fashion, I don’t update this page often enough, but here’s a quick go at the past year. I recorded and mixed a live record from Envy on the Coast that was two full albums cover to cover. Genuinely an intense project, but it’s finally seeing the light of day, and is coming soon on iTunes and Spotify, but below is a video of one of the tracks. Most of last year and this year I’m out with Jessie J including headlining a stage on this year’s Rock In Rio. The rest of the past year was scattered with mixing gigs for all sorts of artists including One Republic, Liam Payne, AJR, and of course some of my usual gigs MAGIC!, and Andy Grammer, along with a record by the band Cat Geography available on iTunes or Spotify

Coming upon 2 years of the VENUE | S6L being out has been pretty epic. From the first ever show on it, with me mixing Capital Cities, the first tour, me taking it on Tove Lo, to it now out on some of the biggest gigs there are from Paul McCartney to Black Sabbath to Radiohead to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, to Tool, itÕs been quite a journeyÉ I still do a lot of fly dates and short runs for artists, this year has included a few new ones, and many old ones including: Andy Grammer, Envy on the Coast, Jessie J, MAGIC!, Rachel Crow, The Ting Tings, Tove Lo, as well as picking up all the shows for Undercover Presents, which has included tributes to Green Day, Lauren Hill, and many others. Also this year I worked on a few singles and a few records, including the new Envy on the Coast EP titled Ritual, and another live series from Bad Rabbits.

It has been about a year and a half working for Avid as Product Manager and subsequently Product Designer for the new VENUE S6L console. After so many years of touring, it has been amazing to be so hands on with the design of the tools that my friends and peers will use, and hopefully love. It has been a really great journey creating this console, and it has also been amazing to tour with it! Since the last update, I did the Tove Lo headline tour, and actually carried the S6L. It was absolutely fantastic, and tons of fun. The last show on that tour ended up being filmed, so Ive linked the video below. I also started working for another few acts, including Grouplove (Tongue Tied), itÕs always fun for me to start working for new people!

As usual, it's been too busy for me to update this site. I honestly can't even recall all the projects between the last update and this. I've been mixing Tove Lo (Habits, Talking Body) for the past few months, all of her US headline and festival dates, and it's been an amazing time. Her band is fantastic, and the live show is astounding. I've also been mixing Capital Cities (Safe and Sound, Kangaroo Court), also an incredibly fun show. In terms of studio work, I've tracked the new Wild Imaginaries record, and am currently mixing it. I also mixed a series of live videos for Tove, and a series for Andy Grammer (Keep Your Head Up, Honey IÕm Good, Fine By Me). Below is one of the songs from that video series.

It's been a busy year, in fact I'm writing this from Boise, Idaho whilst in the middle of the Allen Stone, Bad Rabbits tour. It's been a fun one, it's lovely being out with old friends. Earlier in the year I did a few tours with Banks, including her headline tours, and the European festival circuit. I did another tour for Cody Simpson, as well as dates with Andy Grammer, Before You Exit, Kiesza, Solange Knowles, Morning Parade, Panic at the Disco, Chris Cab and Cardiknox. For studio work, I mixed an EP for Wild Imaginaries which may be one of my favorite projects. I also mixed an EP for No Machine, as well as some new Bad Rabbits tracks. Later this year is a record for Boston's Silhouette Rising, and a second EP for Wild Imaginaries. Here is one of the tracks from the Wild Imaginaries EP:

As is the usual fashion, it's been months since I've updated this. Finished the William Control record, which should be coming out early april. Did an EP for Boston band Juneva, and we've actually started a full length with a proposed release of this spring. NK formerly North Korea is releasing the EP that we did on vinyl, I'm pretty excited to get a copy of that. Speaking of vinyl, Bad Rabbits is releasing American Love on vinyl, with a few B-Sides that didn't make the record. Did a track for Visioneer, and a few for John Duverger, as well as a hip hop track for producer "Bronze." I spent a week on the Falling in Reverse, Escape the Fate co headlining tour, and also did a lot of one off shows, including Andy Grammer, Mike Posner, Skaters, and others. I'm currently finishing up a record for the Long Island band Bears and Motorcycles, while prepping to do Via Coma's 2014 record, as well as Juneva's full length. I've also got shows coming up with Andy Grammer, Bad Rabbits, Before You Exit, Cardiknox, Morning Parade, and Solange Knowles. Here's a video I posted from the Christmas show I did with Allen Stone a year or so ago, the audio is the output of the FOH console with a limiter tossed on top, enjoy:

I'm finally back in New York, and hoping to do records for the rest of the year, as it's been another year of touring endlessly. Finally Robin Thicke's schedule has gotten busy, after years of a few shows a year... I've also been working with Solange Knowles (Beyonce's sister), as well as more shows with Cody Simpson, Phillip Phillips, and a few others. Just finished mixing a record for Boston band Juneva, and have been working on more from Via Coma, and Bad Rabbits. I'll also soon be starting on a live video release for Happy Body Slow Brain. I've got a few new blog posts also... Enjoy!

Once again, I've been out for the majority of the year on tour. It's been a good year, a tour with Phillip Phillips, Cody Simpson, Jessie Ware, back out supporting Justin Bieber, and later this year You Me At Six. Had an interview on Sonic Scoop printed last month, posted more blogs, just a lot of full on audio geekery. This past month I also dealt with recording a live performance for Cody Simpson, mixed and mastered it during my one day home, and here it is:

Things are busy, as usual. The Bad Rabbits record finally came out, it's sitting at #1 on the iTunes RnB Chart, and made it onto the Billboard Top 200 yesterdayÉ Pretty good for an unsigned artist! These past few months have been a bit intense, I did a run with Jesse Ware, it was wonderfully fun, she is a phenomenal singer. That run ended at Coachella, where I also was mixing Allen Stone. Immediately after that I went out with Phillip Phillips, and then at home did a few shows for Young the Giant, and Angel Haze. I'm currently in LA doing rehearsals with Cody Simpson for a US headline tour, which will be immediately followed by a tour with Coheed and Cambria in Europe.

The next Bad Rabbits single is finally available, last minute the mastering was redone, and I do believe we're all much happier with the final version. I'm flying off to Dublin today to start a European run supporting Justin Bieber. It's a very different world from my usual, but I've got to give it a try, it could be fun!!

I hadn't realized that I had never posted any clips from the North Korea EP, so I figured I'd toss one up finally. Congrats to them, they recently signed with Triple Crown Records, and are currently working on a record with Mike Sapone (Brand New, O'Brother, Sainthood Reps).

So the past 6 months have been another busy time. A month or so supporting Dave Matthews Band, then 5 months of headlining with Allen Stone in the US and Europe. It was a phenomenal time, I've made some wonderful new friends, and met and seen some incredible bands (Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds, Tingsek, Selah Sue, Lisa Louis). During the month off between Mayer Hawthorne and Allen Stone I finished the Bad Rabbits record, and at this point they've released one single so far. I'm sure you'll hear the rest soon, but below is linked the single. I also have moved to Queens, NY, and will likely be doing a lot of local work here, or at least hopefully...

Just as crazy as last year, I still apparently only have time to update this every few months. I tried to go through the 'music' page and put in the projects I've worked on since 2010, but honestly it was too much to keep track of and remember, so I put in what I could recall. I've been Front of House Engineer, and Production Manager for Mayer Hawthorne (Universal Republic Records) since the start of the year, and we did a full World Tour, as well as a run as direct support for Foster the People. I mixed a record for North Korea (feat. members from Envy on the Coast, and The Dillinger Escape Plan), tracked some solo material with Ryan Hunter (Envy on the Coast), toured a the whole world a few times, and mixed the new Bad Rabbits full length. Since that's not 'out' yet, below are some videos for the Via Coma record that I finished last year, and another Cover Series video from Bad Rabbits.

Apparently I keep myself so busy that at this point I can only consistently update my own website once a year. Between the last update and now I've worked on so many projects that honestly I can't even list them all. I'm currently Production Manager and Front of House Engineer for Escape the Fate with them this year I did a headlining tour, a support tour with Bullet for my Valentine, a support tour with Papa Roach, dates with Seether, European festivals including Download Festival, Rock Am Ring, Rock Im Park etc., Uproar Festival supporting Avenged Sevenfold, I did a tour for Dredg as FOH Engineer and Tour Manager, toured with Black Tide as FOH, finished a new record with Via Coma, mixed all of the Bad Rabbits' cover series videos, and plenty of other fun things...

So it's been a long time since I've updated this, mostly because I've been so busy. As it turns out I've been doing a lot of 'last tours ever' without really meaning to. Did Scary Kids Scaring Kids' last tour, with The Sleeping supporting followed The Fall of Troy's last tour, with Envy on the Coast and Twin Atlantic supporting. As it unfortunately turns out, it was also Envy on the Coast's last tour ever. I also finished up a tour with Evaline, supporting Neon Trees, Paper Tongues, and Civil Twilight. They were all wonderfully fun. I also got to work on Skatefest at The Worcester Palladium, which was a great time, but also a crazy busy day, since we were filming the entire thing for a potential dvd release. Since Envy on the Coast's unfortunate demise though, it turned into an online release.

Envy On The Coast | "The Devil's Tongue" | Live At Skatefest 2010 from Chain Gang Productions on Vimeo.

Atreyu, Hollywood Undead, Escape the Fate, and The Sleeping was a great time. Most of the shows were sold out, and I got a few days with some new consoles I had never played with, including the Innovision desk, and the Digico SD8. Overall a great tour. I'm taking December off, then it looks like a busy year coming up!

The second Maxwell tour went well, some great venues, some great shows, Madison Square Gardens was a fun one. The Envy on the Coast show with Bayside was also a great time, and sold-out. Currently I'm at AES checking out some of the new products for the year. Tuesday I head out on the road with Hollywood Undead, Atreyu, Escape the Fate and The Sleeping, and I may have some new pieces of technical news after this weekend is over...

I've been far too busy to update the site unfortunately, and the audio page has seriously been missing out, since I've been touring so much. Just finished up a run with Envy on the Coast. About to head out on the road again. Glad to see Chrisette Michele's record is still in the billboard top 100, and Maxwell is in the top 20! And even the Jamie Foxx record is in the top 200! Nice to see that people are digging the records we were touring on!

On Tour with Grammy winner Chrisette Michele, and multi platinum singer Maxwell. Front of House for Chrisette's been a great time, great bunch of people, and great shows... So far every show has been sold out.

April was such a busy month. Last month alone I was in AZ, MA, NJ, NM, NV, NY, RI, and TX. I think that's pretty much all the 'N' states... Working at Almost Studios in RI was a pleasure, for any of you local to new england, I highly recommend you check the place out, studio owner Marc Michaud is a pleasure to work with. It looks like I'll be moving to New York. This month's records include: Honest Thomas, James Keaze, and two projects without band names that are ex. Bleeding Through & ex. X-Rated Porno Machine, ex. Testament ex. Machine Head ex. Exodus.

Man it was a great weekend, got to see a lot of great bands/friends that I haven't seen in a while. Heading down to San Diego tonight with Dance Gavin Dance tonight, it'll be nice to see those guys again, and I haven't done a show in San Diego before... The record in NY/NM/TX went great, be on the lookout for that release in a few months, I hear Chris Lord-Alge might be mixing the single... That will be pretty cool.

New York was great over the weekend, got a lot of the record done. Albuquerque NM tomorrow, Dallas TX thursday, Los Angeles friday, Irvine for Bamboozle Left over the weekend, back to New York for the week, then San Francisco for that weekend. It's a busy week, lots of records to do, and possibly a new home in NY for all of this work.

So I let the hosting of the site expire, and have put this up as a temp... none of the links will work, but within the next few days, a completely new site should be online. Be patient.